Monday, February 11, 2013

Veronica's Lipsticks

Last week at the Archie’s Girls party I picked up two lipsticks from the Veronica line.  I wanted these two ever since I saw previews of them on instagram and message boards.  Then when Temptalia reviewed them, I was sold.  At the party, the MUA used Beet lip liner from the permanent line on me with Daddy’s Little Girl, and since I got so many compliments, I also bought that.  Plus, it’s a reddish color so it also goes with Ronnie Red.

 MAC Archie's Girls packaging Top of Archie's Girls lipsticks packing with name of color: Daddy's little girl and Ronnie Red

Archie's Girls bullet lipstick with Veronica's face Archie's Girls lipsticks without a cap so you can see their color; pink on the left and red on the right

I haven't been able to test wear time yet because I keep wearing them as I'm going to dinner. Oops. I can tell you that when worn with the lip liner, there is still some color left on my lips after dinner, so that's good! They also definitely leave a stain after they wear out. I can see a good 4-5 hours without re-application out of these, but don't quote on me that.

Ronnie Red: Bright pink-y red with a matte finish. It glides on so smoothly, there is no tugging like some other mattes. It doesn't make my already dry lips any more dry or accentuate it.

Daddy's Little Girl: Blue-based bright fuchsia! My swatch below doesn't really capture the blue, but it's there. This color really goes well with almost any skintone. It's a satin finish, which is my favorite finish from MAC. Glides on perfect, it's opaque, and lovely sheen to it. DLG is my favorite of the two and I'm contemplating getting a back up.

swatch of Ronnie Red on top and Daddy's Little Girl on bottom; MAC Archie's Girls

I'm really happy with these purchases and can't wait to start wearing them.  I love that while this is a Spring collection, these colors are bold enough to still wear in the Winter time. Well, at least for me.

Are you picking up anything from Archie's Girls?  What's your favorite MAC lipstick?

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