Friday, February 8, 2013

TPG go to MAC: Archie's Girls Collection

The Spring collection is an important one for MAC, sometimes it’s they’re most anticipated one.  This year MAC teamed up with Archie’s comics for a collection that’s supposed to appeal to the Betty or Veronica in you.  Those Pore Girls got a chance to check out the collection last Tuesday at a MAC party, before the collection launched in stores on February 7th.

Archie called us his Veronica's.

There were cute boys carrying around trays of cocktails, mini veggie burgers, and strawberry heart-shaped cookies all night, which was awesome! And we even got to take a picture with Archie himself.

Look at that pink! He put it on Angie's cheeks and eyes!

The whole night MAC makeup artists kept trying to give us make overs.  Angie stepped up while we were still in line to go in since she wanted to try Prom Princess blush from the Veronica line.  The guy was great, but he went a little heavy *ahem* and she ended up looking like a comic book character.  We thought it was fitting.

 Vanessa trying on Daddy's Little Girl lipstick.

Vanessa got to try on Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick, from Veronica. It was a gorgeous blue-y pink that looked good on pretty much everyone. 

Everything we tried on.

The lipsticks are our favorite part of MAC.

Vanessa got a little distracted.

This girl, didn’t catch her name, definitely knew what she was doing when it came to lips.  Both of us got so many compliments on the finish looks she created.  She saw us, bare lipped, and said, “No. We have to fix this."

Angie got a cool, glossy, ombre hot pink lip. Wow, lots of adjectives! And lots of pink!

Vanessa tried on Ronnie Red lipstick with Strawberry Malt lipgloss over it. The lipstick itself was a nice pinky-red, but the gloss definitely kicked up the drama. She kept getting stares the rest of the night!

At the end of the night, we were very bright! And, please don’t hold this makeup against Angie, we swear she knows how to put on blush.  Makeup artists keep trying to make her pink everywhere she goes!

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