Friday, February 15, 2013

TPG Approves (and disapproves): Dry Shampoo

Have you all experienced the wonderful world of dry shampoo?  This is a list of different brands we have tried.  Some we love, some we do not.

First, the good stuff

Vanessa's Fave:
Batiste - Dry Shampoo - Dark and Deep Brown 

  • One of the ingredients is rice starch, whereas most other brands use aluminum starch. I find that the rice starch works better. The Tresemme dry shampoo uses cornstarch, but that is not enough to redeem it! (Read on.)
  • I use the dark color for brunettes, which saves me from having white powder in my hair. There are a whole range of scents and colors available.
  • It has a really pleasant, light fragrance that's sweet and vaguely reminds me of cocoa.
  • Works way better than others I’ve tried.
  • $8/bottle, 6.73  oz.
  • find at Ulta, Urban Outfitters (they carry the smaller bottles)

Angie's Fave: Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray

  • Uses aluminum starch.
  • It leaves a white residue but blends in easily if used as directed.
  • Really fruity strong smell (that I like, but a lot of people say it's too artificial).
  • $2.89-$2.99, 5 oz
  • Find in drugstores.
  • I love it for the price. It does the job I need for the least amount of money.

The okay one

Dove - Invigorating Dry Shampoo

  • Leaves white residue, also uses aluminum starch.
  • It gets the job done, but isn't amazing.
  • Vanessa had to return it because she couldn't stand the smell. It smells like the kind of air freshener that you use to cover up bad smells but doesn't really work!
  • $5/bottle, 5 oz.
  • Find in drugstores.

The horrible ones we never want to see ever again

Tresemme - Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo - Oily/Straight to Normal Hair

  • HATED it.
  • It made my hair oily. Can you say counterproductive?
  • $5/bottle, 5.7 oz.
  • find in drugstores

Tresemme - Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo for Curly/Dry hair

  • OMG I hate this one.
  • It makes my hair even more oily!
  • Nice smell.
  • It's way too much work for a dry shampoo, since you’re supposed to use a towel to absorb the foam.
  • $5/bottle, 5.7 oz.
  • find in drugstores

If you don't want to go out and buy a can of dry shampoo, you can also DIY your own. You can use cornstarch or baby powder, though we think cornstarch works better. If you have dark hair, mix it with some cocoa powder. Just rub it into your roots and then brush it out.

Angie likes the spray better than using powder because she thinks the air helps with adding volume. Not sure if that’s true, but makes sense in her head.

Vanessa has oily hair and dry shampoo makes life so much better. (1) It saves your hair from over-washing. (2) It's especially great if you do lots of heat styling, since you can keep a blow out or whatever for longer. (3) It refreshes your hair at the end of the day if you’re going out.  (4) It's super handy if you’re sleeping over somewhere and don't want to bother with showering. Tip: For added volume and to prevent oiliness, I like to spray some dry shampoo into my roots before bed and sleep with my hair in a high bun.

So, there you go. Any other recommendations? We're always looking out for new ones to try!

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