Friday, October 25, 2013

indie makeup brands

You’ve heard of drugstore makeup and you’ve heard of high end makeup.  Have you tried Indie makeup?

Indie makeup is this whole other side of the cosmetics world.  They are usually operated by one or two people and work from home.  Their products are usually loose minerals but many companies are starting to make things like lipsticks and pressed shadows. 

So, why buy indie?

The main reason I buy from indie companies is because I like to support small businesses. When you buy from these companies you know where your money is going to.  
Face primer from Darling Girl.
Works just as great as stuff from Benefit or MUFE but for a fraction of the price.

Also, indie companies make really unique colors.  The owners really challenge themselves on creating interesting products.  They stay unique in order to not only compete with other indie companies, but also the rest of the cosmetics world.  

They  have some really great prices!  And you can order samples to try stuff out (not everyone wants to commit to a full size neon blue eyeshadow)!