Monday, July 1, 2013

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Google Reader is shutting down today (it's a sad day). But good news, BlogLovin is even better.  If you have too many blogs to follow and can't remember to check some of them, BlogLovin is the perfect way to keep track.  Just make an account, search the blog you want, and subscribe! 

Whenever you log in, all the new posts will be in a feed very much like Twitter or Tumblr, and you can just scroll down to read and catch up.  My favorite part is that it is web based, so you don't have to only be on your computer when you want to check, you can check from anywhere as long as you log into BlogLovin.

It also has a great browse feature for days when you want to find some new people to read.  It lists them by category, so there's more than just Beauty.  I like looking through the Street Style, Photography, and Home Decor top posts.  

Lastly, BlogLovin is friendly to bloggers because in order to read the full post, readers have to click through the link and read it on the blog's domain. This means we don't lose view counts. It helps us keep better track of our visitors and audience.

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