Monday, April 8, 2013

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer

It’s concealer time! 

Today I have the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer (doesn't that just roll off your tongue?). It looks like this.

maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark spot concealer

Ulta website says:
Revolutionary concealer and vitamin C treatment covers instantly, while fighting dark spots over time. Concentrated Vitamin C formula visibly decreases dark spots in just 4 weeks. Targets signs of aging, dark spots, acne scars and sunspots.”

Those are some pretty damn bold claims there Maybelline.  

So here’s the deal, when I bought this product I actually wanted to get the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment, but those long ass names just confused me and I got the wrong one.  I was too lazy to go back to CVS and exchange it so I convinced myself to keep it "for the sake of the blog".  

close up of concealer applicator

First thing I don’t like about it is the packaging, it’s convenient but pretty unsanitary.  You twist the product up and it comes out of the round sponge tip.  This means the sponge tip will become a breeding ground for bacteria since it is constantly coming in contact with your skin.  Unlike brushes, you can’t really wash this to disinfect it.   So off the bat, I’m already thinking bad things about this concealer.

Well, it turns out it’s not that bad! I’ve been reaching for this concealer quite a bit, making my beloved Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda take a break.  I like it the most for under eye area because of it’s liquid consistency which means it is less likely to crease. It also works decently on hyperpigmentation, though it’s not heavy duty.

swatch of maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark spot concealer in 220 light
 I got the shade 220, Light.

And as far as the Vitamin E actually fading dark spots? Sorry but I don’t have much to say there.  I use a combination of things to help with hyperpigmentation, and while my face’s tone is evening out, I don’t really know which one of the many products is helping.  Vitamin E is known for helping with dark spots, so adding this to the routine probably doesn’t hurt though.

I recommend this concealer if you don’t need a lot of coverage, want some highlighting, and you like liquid consistencies (as opposed to creamy).

Note: Product contains parabens. Remember, read the ingredients!

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