Monday, March 4, 2013

American Cream

As you might have noticed by now, I’m a fan of Lush Cosmetics.  I usually stick to the skincare, but since I’m trying to repair my hair, I thought I would try some of those products.  When I bought the Fair Trade Honey shampoo (mentioned in my February favorites) I also bought the American Cream conditioner.  It’s a pretty well known conditioner among the Lushies*, and almost everyone raves about it.  I bought the small bottle because I didn’t want to shell out the $30 for the big bottle.  The 3oz bottle was $10, which is A LOT of money for 3oz of product when you have hair that falls more than halfway down your back. 
From Lush website

The description:

American Cream is our dreamy, medium-strength for soft, shiny and bouncy locks. Softening honey, scalp clarifying lavender and fresh oranges make a conditioner suitable for all hair types to soften rough ends and keep hair calm. Not to mention the absolutely delectable strawberry vanilla cream scent.

First of all, it smells great.  It smells amazing actually!  And it lingers in the hair hours after you’ve used it but that’s as far as my love for this conditioner goes.

It was too light for me.  I have thick, dry, and damaged long hair.  I need a super strength, thick conditioner (see: SheaMoisture) that’s going to really hydrate my hair.  This conditioner fell short.  It only lasted me a couple of washes because not only did I have to use a lot for my long hair, I also had to compensate for how light it was.  What really frustrated me was that the description on the website and on the bottle really emphasized it’s creaminess.  It was not creamy.

I say skip out on this conditioner.  If you need something super hydrating, this is not it.  And if you need something just to detangle and keep your hair soft, this is not worth the money.  There are conditioners out there that perform just as well for half the money.  But goodness I will miss that scent.  If I can find something else that smells like it, I will be a very happy camper.

Available at Lush Stores and websites

$9.99 for 3.3oz
$19.99 for 8.4oz
$32.95 for 16.9oz

*Lushie: people that like Lush. I hate this term. Do not call me a Lushie.


  1. :( I've just ordered one. That too, to celebrate the end of my spending ban. Talk about wastage. Argh!
    My Beauty Junction

  2. Maybe it will work for you better than me. What's your hair type? Mine is just too thick and dry for this conditioner.