Monday, January 28, 2013

Soak and Float Review

This shampoo makes your shower smell like a campfire. And not like you’re having a good time making s’mores and singing songs under the night sky, but like there’s a freaking forest fire in your house. My mom once checked the kitchen to make sure she didn’t leave the stove on. I personally don’t mind it, but I know some people cannot stand it. It’s not supposed to linger in the hair, but I’ve had the bf hug me and comment on my camp fire once or twice. I don’t use conditioner anywhere near my scalp/roots, so I’m guessing that’s why it doesn’t get completely masked by it. Ok, but why did I buy this smokin’ shampoo?

lush solid shampoo soak and float
Image from Lush USA website

 According to Lush: 
 A rather pungent shampoo bar, Soak and Float is incredibly effective at fighting flakes and dry scalps. Cade oil is what gives Soak and Float its distinctive smell, and works wonders against the microbes that cause dandruff, and it also works to alleviate bothered scalps that are dry and itchy. Lavender oil helps to improve the smell, and works its magic with marigold petals to soothe and clear up dry and irritated scalps. 

Yes, I have a flakey scalp. So flakey it will never follow through with dinner dates. It itches throughout the day and there is dandruff and it’s not fun ok? It also gets super oily by the end of the day after washing it that morning. I got this little bar to help with those problems. 
This is my bar after 3 months of using it. Not as pretty as the one above.


It definitely helps with the itch. In regards to the flakes, I’ve seen a minor reduction, but nothing blowing my mind yet. Maybe with more uses I’ll start to see a bigger difference. Something negative I noticed, though, is that it started to hellaaaaa dry and tangle my hair. I broke brush bristles from trying to detangle my hair! If I don’t start seeing changes in my scalp soon, I don’t know if I’ll stick with it. 

Helps with itchy scalp
Lathers reallyyy well (like whoa)
Travel friendly
About 80 washes
Sort of helping with the flakes 

Tangles my hair
Smoke smell 

Oh, and sometimes the shampoo will leave little presents in your hair in the form of Marigold petals! You decide if that’s a pro or a con. 

Price: $10.95 for 1.9oz
Available:,, and Lush stores

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